Strengthening the Electronics Industry

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USPAE is intently focused on delivering value to its members with a variety of offerings. Its members range from small to very large, start-ups to those that are well-established and include printed circuit board manufacturers, electronic manufacturing services firms and other electronics providers.

Membership includes the following:

  • Access to the USPAE collaboration portal and resource center.
  • Regular communications on the organization’s activities and industry insights.
  • Inclusion in any USPAE-managed Other Transaction Agreement consortia, providing government requirements are met.
  • Participation in USPAE events that bring together government and industry. (Some events may require a fee.)

USG Opportunities

Many electronics manufacturers do not have direct access to USG opportunities, whether to help solve key challenges, invent new products or simply meet an existing need. This limits access to USG funding that could help companies create intellectual property, expand into new markets, or increase sales. USPAE will pursue government opportunities on behalf of its members for research and develop¬ment, prototyping and production for government organizations like the Department of Defense.

  • USPAE helps connect members to USG opportunities.

Industry Growth

Finding the right industry connections for teaming partners or new business opportunities can be daunting, especially for small- to medium-sized electronics manufacturers. USPAE members can easily partner with other members to tackle USG opportunities that they might not have been able to on their own. USPAE collaboration tools and events connect members of all sizes and capabilities, facilitating new industry opportunities.

  • USPAE members have greater access to potential industry partners and customers.

Technology Trends

Organizations like the DoD and NASA are always seeking to identify new technologies, materials and methods that will be needed to deliver advanced capabilities in the future. These efforts yield the greatest results when done in partnership with industry and academia. USPAE will foster this type of collaboration through various events and communications.

  • USPAE members gain insights into future needs and opportunities.

Global Competitiveness

There are several challenges that domestic electronics manufacturers face in a globally competitive world. In addition to wage disparities, many foreign governments subsidize capital investments and research and development to strengthen their country’s industry.

  • USPAE advocates for programs and funding to increase U.S. global competitiveness.

Member Benefits

  • USG Opportunities
  • Industry Growth
  • Technology Trends
  • Global Competitiveness

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Government Benefits

  • Access to Trusted Electronics
  • Reduced supply chain risk
  • Stronger Industrial Base
  • Accelerated Innovation

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