Delivering Electronics Industrial Base Access

USPAE provides the USG with direct access to electronics manufacturers that are often buried layers deep in the supply chain. Such access can help accelerate innovation and better solve problems facing our warfighters. Whether learning through joint government and industry events or leveraging contract vehicles like the Defense Electronics Consortium Other Transaction Agreement, USPAE brings the electronics industry and government closer together.

Rapid Access

There are many printed circuit board (PCB) and electronics contract manufacturers that play a significant role in providing electronics for the all elements of the USG. Often, these manufacturers are buried in the supply chain and have little direct interaction with the USG. More importantly, government agencies may not even be aware that these companies are in the supply chain, despite seeking more access to traditional and non-traditional electronics manufacturers.

  • USPAE gives the USG direct access to a variety of crucial electronics manufacturers.

Reduced Risks

The USG’s lack of awareness of electronics companies in the supply chain is a gaping hole with many risks. As experienced in the COVID-19 crisis, shortages of products like PCBs can slow or stop production of needed equipment. Of even greater concern is that modern PCBs can have maliciously embedded electronics that are not visible to inspection.

  • USPAE helps the USG understand its electronics supply chains and take cost-effective actions to reduce risks.

Improved Security

The USG faces myriad national security and homeland security threats from well-funded state and nonstate actors, who continuously seek out new avenues of disruption in our hardware and software supply chains. To help combat those issues, USPAE members are organized in the U.S. or one of its allied countries. Qualifying members certify to the IPC-1791 standard, developed with the DoD Executive Agent for PCB and Interconnect Technologies, to address physical and cyber security as well as supply chain risk management.

  • USPAE provides the USG with resilient and trusted electronic supply chains.

Greater Innovation

USPAE members play a crucial role in innovation in commercial markets, helping solve many challenges and developing new products and services. When electronics manufacturers are buried in the supply chain, the USG is often unaware they exist and unable to take advantage of their innovations.

  • USPAE connects the USG directly to electronics innovators, including non-traditional DoD suppliers, to help solve key challenges.

Member Benefits

  • USG Opportunities
  • Industry Growth
  • Technology Trends
  • Global Competitiveness

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Government Benefits

  • Access to Trusted Electronics
  • Reduced supply chain risk
  • Stronger Industrial Base
  • Accelerated Innovation

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